Sarah Schöttler

Hi, I'm Sarah!

I'm currently an MSc student in Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. Since 2016, I've been interested in data visualisation, and have pursued it by working on a number of projects — both big and small, some relatively maths/data science-heavy, others more in the direction of generative art. My main interest at the moment is geovisualisation and geovisual analytics.

Most of my smaller projects, code snippets and experiments can be found on Observable, where I regularly publish notebooks. My bigger projects are usually on Github.

You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.


PaxVis: Visualising Peace Agreements

February-May 2019
I created an interactive interface for the PA-X database, which contains data on over 1500 peace agreements.

Inequality in NHS Health and Care Experience

November-December 2018
In a group project for my master in Design Informatics, we built a visualisation of inequalities in Scottish healthcare experiences, based on survey data published by the Scottish government.

BSc Project: Dot Map Generalisation

April-June 2017
For my Bachelor project, I developed an algorithm to generalise dot maps with the goal of making web-based marker maps more readable.

ATLAS Semester Abroad Database

February-July 2017
A D3-based web application for viewing the ATLAS Semester Abroad Database, a collection of students' experiences at universities abroad. (Not publicly accessible)

Solar System Simulation

July 2016
A simulation of the Earth's orbit around the sun, based on the underlying physics. Tinker with the variables and the Earth will fly into the sun (or outer space...)